Wasatch Environmental Update: “Dark Skies, Earth Day and Unwelcome Changes at Alta”

Wasatch Environmental Update for April 22, 2018

By John Worlock

Dark Skies, Earth Day and Unwelcome Changes at Alta

The Earth spins and the Moon flies around us, and so Time Marches On!

We’re sorry to inform you that you just missed the International Dark Skies Week, which culminated last Monday during the New Moon.  Dark Skies Week has been celebrated for decades now to bring attention to the light-pollution of our night skies that has obliterated the Milky Way for all but a few lucky citizens of America.  A look at the night-time Salt Lake Valley from the Bonneville Shoreline, a city aglow in excessive electric lights, shows you why you can no longer see the stars.

But hello, you may not have missed another yearly time-marker, called Earth Day.  It has been an annual celebration of the natural Earth for several decades, and this year it is, YES!  It’s today, April 22.  You still have enough time to organize your own personal celebration, even if it’s just going outside and barking at the crescent moon.

But we have an important event coming up in a couple of days.  This Tuesday, April 24, you are invited to come to Wasatch Touring to learn how you can help Save Our Canyons mount a massive public outcry about the Forest Service’s recent decision to approve the latest and most aggressive Master Development Proposal from Alta Ski Resort.

Alta proposes to build a tram to the top of Mount Badly, right across its iconic face.  They propose to build new lifts in wetlands areas, and to obliterate some open space for creation of fifty new parking spaces.  In short, Alta appears intent on ruining its reputation as the most environmentally conscious of the Wasatch Ski Resorts.

Come to Wasatch Touring, at 7th East and First South between 6 and 8 pm on Tuesday, April 24.  Learn about Alta’s ugly and aggressive plans, and help Save Our Canyons organize a variety of protests – for example, letters to editors and public demonstrations.  Become a participant in our effort to reverse these unfortunate decisions by the Forest Service which affect our precious public lands.

If you can’t make the meeting on Tuesday, take a look at the Facebook Page of Save Our Canyons, and discover how you can help.

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