Save Our Canyons “Little Cottonwood Canyon EIS” Comments

This processes will study the feasibility, benefits and costs in implementing various concepts (including, but not limited to widening the roadway for HOV lanes, gondolas, avalanche sheds, expanding park and ride lots) address parking, park n’ ride lots, and transportation congestion in Little Cottonwood Canyon currently being scoped through an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

Two primary concerns of ours are that not enough attention is being paid to encouraging the use of mass transit nearer our points of origin (homes or hotels) and that this appears to be an exercise to see how many people we can fit in the canyons, not considering the impact this visitation has on our watersheds and naturalness of the canyons. Currently, we have a few hundred parking spaces at the park and rides, yet 10,000 vehicles are counted in the canyons.

Read Save Our Canyons Little Cottonwood Canyon Environmental Impact Statement comments HERE

To learn more visit the UDOT project site: Click Here

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