WASATCH ENVIRONMENTAL UPDATE; Ullr, the 21st Century God of Snow

Wasatch Environmental Update for October 22, 2017

By John Worlock, until recently a Member of the Board of Directors of SOC

Ullr, the 21st Century God of Snow


Long, long ago in the mythical ages there was a minor Norse god whose name was Ullr.  While he might have been the stepson of Odin, he didn’t make much of an impression on the early historians, and could have been thought to have disappeared.  Well, you know, Gods don’t ever go away.  They persist and find their way into the mythology of the time, whatever time that is. Anyhow, much later, but still very long ago, images of Ullr could be found, where he was depicted on skis, usually carrying a bow and arrows.

So it happens that here we are in the 21st century, and Ullr has become our God of Snow.  Actually, he has appeared for over half a century at the ski resort at Breckenridge, Colorado, where each January they celebrate a week-long Ullr Fest.  And now, in Utah, we at Save Our Canyons have adopted Ullr as our God of Snow, and each year we organize a celebration we call Ullr Ball.

We don’t know if it was customary to ask favors of those ancient gods, but if you are silently and secretly praying for an early and spectacular long ski season this year, please come and pray with like-minded folks at Save Our Canyons’s Ullr Ball.

It will take place on November 9th – that’s Thursday November 9th.   Maybe it’s too early to usher in the new snow season, but it is surely not too early to pray for snow.  After all, we are invoking Ullr, the 21st Century God of snow.

This celebratory event is cosponsored by Voile’ Manufacturing and  KUHL Clothing, plus Beehive Distilling and RoHa Brewery, who will be serving crafted cocktails and frothy libations, respectively. Music will be provided by a set of local gypsy rockers called Hectic Hobo.  Some lucky winners will get gear and clothing from Voile’ and Kuhl

That’s Save Our Canyons’s Ullr Ball on Thursday, November 9th.  But you don’t need to remember any of this.  Just go to our website, saveourcanyons dot org, and click on the banner for the Ullr “Pray for Snow” Ball.   It’s all there, plus some suggestions at the end for learning more about Ullr, the God of Snow.

Pray for Snow!  Or just Celebrate with us!

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