WASATCH ENVIRONMENTAL UPDATE; Important Surveys for the Future of the Central Wasatch

Wasatch Environmental Update for September 3, 2017

By John Worlock, Member of the Board of Directors of SOC

“Important Surveys for the Future of the Central Wasatch”

Labor Day will soon be behind us. Now we are waiting for the wonderful days of Indian Summer to get up into the Wasatch and walk among the golden aspens and the orange-red berries of Mountain Ash.

Meanwhile we have a couple of important surveys on which we would like to have your input.  So sit down and pay attention.

The first can be short and sweet.  Bonanza Flat, at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon, is now owned by the Municipality of Park City.  Save Our Canyons looks forward to working with Park City and Utah Open Lands in developing the conservation plan that will offer those beautiful acres to the public for solitude and recreation, while preserving them unspoiled into the foreseeable future.  Please participate in a survey that will guide the planners to achieve something durable and attractive to the public.

Here’s how:  On the saveourcanyons website, click on the banner Bonanza Flat – Management Survey.  You will be asked to take 5 minutes to take the Resource Survey.  Please do that.  If you are interested, you can take a bit longer and develop some of your ideas. Thank you very much!

Now for a longer and more durable effort, we turn to Salt Lake County’s new Wasatch Canyons General Plan.  The initial public survey is underway and will continue for a couple of weeks.  This new plan is not meant to be a zoning law, but will function as background guiding the policies and priorities that will affect the long-range future of the Central Wasatch Canyons.  Included are the two Cottonwood Canyons, Mill Creek Canyon and Parley’s Canyon.

Since these Central Wasatch Canyons have been and are the principal focus of the efforts of Save Our Canyons, we very much want you to participate in this survey.  Please be advised that this is a long process and you will be invited to stay with it until its culmination some time in 2018.

On the saveourcanyons website, click on a banner offering “Wasatch Canyons General Plan Survey.”  The actual survey can be completed in a few minutes, but we ask you to take the time to explore your wishes for the future of the Central Wasatch Canyons.  Again, many thanks.

And if the banner doesn’t appear immediately, try again in a couple of days:  Wasatch Canyons General Plan Survey.  Thank you!

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