Bonanza Flats – Management Survey.

Bonanza Flat was SAVED because YOU got involved within the fight to keep it wild. Now, we need to know why and help to inform the creation of its conservation easement — please take 5 minutes to fill out the following Resource Survey provided by Utah Open Lands and City Government of Park City, Utah!

It took a powerful grassroots campaign to successfully preserve Bonanza Flat. By donating money, organizing your friends and family, making phone calls, signing petitions and writing emails to local officials you saved Bonanza Flat for future generations. We at Save Our Canyons were inspired by your actions, awed by your passion, and floored by your resolve to see one on the gems of the Wasatch forever preserved as open space.

Remember, it was your optimism, your calls, and emails to the county council, your donations and willingness to put your own money up to protect Bonanza, your heartfelt comments at county council meetings, your volunteering, your letters, and those who circulated petitions at trailheads and businesses throughout the valley – you did this, you protected Bonanza.  You’ve been so invested, continue your involvement by submitting your thoughts to the Resource Management Survey, today. 

Thank You!!!

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