Wasatch Environmental Update for August 6, 2017

By John Worlock, Member of the Board of Directors of SOC

“Brighton Town”


Brighton. Until now, Brighton is just that ski resort at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon, with a cluster of houses and a seasonal restaurant and convenience store. Oh yes. There’s also Silver Lake tucked in a corner.

That’s the Brighton of the past, if the so-called Friends of Big Cottonwood Canyon achieve their ambitious dream. They want to incorporate nearly half of Big Cottonwood Canyon, and call it the Town of Brighton.  The new municipality would include both Brighton and Solitude Resorts and a lot of housing on both sides of Big Cottonwood Creek down to Mill D South Fork, including the group of dwellings at Silver Fork.

We, at Save Our Canyons, are adamantly opposed to this project.

A petition is circulating among the landowners, asking the state to make a determination of feasibility. If enough landowners sign the petition, the state will do just that. We rather expect that the town would be found to be fiscally feasible.

Hold your hat! Immediately upon this determination, the landowners would become disenfranchised, and incorporation would be decided by the resident registered voters.

Petition supporters are suppressing this fact, implying that the feasibility study is for information only. But that’s not true: feasibility shifts the control from the landowners to the registered voters. Many individuals involved in this process have clean records and clean consciences. Perhaps they just want to be like the Town of Alta, with its own council and mayor and town hall. Nice!

But it’s another story for the cast of shady characters working to create a town so as to obviate the environmental controls that the county has established for the Central Wasatch Canyons. Development is their goal, and incorporation of the Town of Brighton is a step in that direction. It’s obvious that we should oppose this threat to the well being of the Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Right now, please join us as we fight the petition for feasibility. If you own property in Big Cottonwood, please do NOT sign the petition. If you know any property owners, reach out and ask them not to sign.

They, and you, may go to our website for more information about this plot to incorporate upper Big Cottonwood Canyon.

2 responses to “WASATCH ENVIRONMENTAL UPDATE; “Brighton Town”

  1. This is a horrible misinterpretation of the facts. Do you even talk with anyone in Big Cottonwood Canyon, or do you just live in a family trust property in Salt Lake City?

  2. Mark,

    I apologize for the lag time in responding and thank you for your comment. Save Our Canyons staff have been very engaged with property owners, local officials and processes that govern and protect the Wasatch Canyons and specifically BCC for decades. We stand by our position on the Incorporation push and would be more than happy to meet with you and others to continue the discussion. While we agree there are questions about tax dollars and use in the canyon as an organization, our stance is that incorporating into the town of Brighton is not the appropriate route to discuss and answer those questions. Feel free to reach us at our office if you would like to discuss this issue further.

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