You Saved Bonanza Flats!

On Wednesday, June 14th Salt Lake County Council voted by a 5 – 4 vote to support funding Bonanza Flats. Councilman Max Burdick joined council members Jenny Wilson, Jim Bradley, Arlyn Bradshaw, and Sam Granato in supporting Mayor Ben McAdams request for $1.5 million towards Bonanza Flat.

Let there be no doubt what can be achieved when we come together as a community passionate about protecting the wildness and beauty of the Wasatch Mountains! We would also like to give a big thank you to our local partner KUHL for donation $25,000. Without our partners, the nonprofit coalition, and community members this mission would not have been successful.

It’s incredibly important to thank these county council members who worked so hard to secure this money for Bonanza. Take a few moments today and email or call the county council members who courageously supported Bonanza. Without Max Burdick’s vote, or absent the relentless advocacy of council members Wilson, Bradley, Bradshaw, and Granato, or the persistent efforts of Mayor McAdams and his staff, Bonanza would still be on the chopping block. These folks all deserve a tremendous thank you, please call, email, or drop a card in the mail today.

Here’s the contact info for those who voted YES:

Max Burdick (District 6): 385-468-7459 |

Jenny Wilson (At-Large): 385-468-7451 |

Jim Bradley (At-Large): 385-468-7453 |

Arlyn Bradshaw (District 1): 385-468-7454 |

Sam Granato (District 4): 385-468-7457 |


Your optimism, your calls, and emails to the county council, your donations and willingness to put your own money up to protect Bonanza, your heartfelt comments at county council meetings, your volunteering, your letters, and those who circulated petitions at trailheads and businesses throughout the valley – you did this, you protected Bonanza.  And in the words of Blues Traveler – The Mountains Win Again!

Today we won. Today the mountains won. It’s nearly impossible to overstate, but this couldn’t have happened without you.


Thank You!!!

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