Save Our Canyons Volunteer Opportunities

Life in the Wasatch Range offers a multitude of opportunities to enjoy, advocate and recreate in the amazing canyons and foothills. As record snowpack of last winter melts out turning the quiet creeks to raging torrents the hillsides become ablaze with endemic wildflowers that attract pollinators such as Swallowtail Butterflies and Humming Birds. The choke of valley temperatures subside as visitors, both local and tourist, ascend to the refuge of the mountain meadows and peaks. There we are reminded just how special this wild landscape is to our communities.

Save Our Canyons will continue to work to protect the beauty and wildness of the Wasatch Mountains, canyons and foothills this year we want your help! Below you will find a number of opportunities to get involved, raise awareness and advocate for protecting our watershed, flora and fauna, recreation opportunities and the quality of life we all cherish.

Think of it as a way to give back to the Wasatch that you depend on for water, healthy recreation and inspiration.

Volunteer Position Descriptions

When volunteering with Save Our Canyons we need about 2 hours of your time for each position listed below!

Communication and Outreach Volunteer

Our Communication and Outreach Volunteer position is one of the most important aspects of Save Our Canyons. Without this position SOC will not be able to consistently maintain a healthy level of grassroots organization. If you love engaging with the community, spreading the mission of SOC, and meeting new people — this position is perfect for you!

The duties of this position are listed below:

  • Setting up and taking down the SOC booth at different tabling events
  • Communicating with the community at events about the mission and vision of the organization
  • Handing out our SOC Newsletters
  • Handing out marketing materials

Policy Volunteer

Our Policy Volunteer position is the most important position because we need community members attending local meetings regarding policy changes that impact the Wasatch. If you enjoy keeping up on local current events, attending meetings, and showing your support for the Wasatch — sign up for this position today!

The duties of this position are listed below:

  • Attending meetings (County Council, CWC, Mountain Accord, etc.) that relate to the Wasatch.
  • Assist Save Our Canyons policy director and policy intern in research of state and county land use regulations.
  • Work with Save Our Canyons staff to write comments on public policy matters at the city, county and state level.
  • Engage in outreach to community leaders, elected officials, Save Our Canyons supporters and the general public on issues impacting land use, watershed, water quality, ski resort expansion, ecosystem integrity, and environmental health.

Save Our Canyons Office Help

If you enjoy organizing, taking or making phone calls, and occasionally stuffing letters — this position was made for you! Sometimes, it gets busy at the SOC office and this position is very important because we cannot accomplish all of our goals without our volunteers. Our SOC Office Help Volunteer position is a short term volunteer position and duties will change each time.

Wasatch Wilderness Stewardship Project

Assist Save Our Canyons in various volunteer duties to address issues such as litter, illegal campsites, non-system trails and monitoring efforts in Wilderness Areas of the Wasatch Mountain Range. More information, location and meet up time forth coming. Learn more about the Wasatch Wilderness Stewardship Project in our latest SOC newsletter here.

Next Volunteer Opportunities:

To Volunteer Please Sign Up HERE!

For more information please contact Save Our Canyons Campaigns Coordinator Alex Schmidt at 







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