SL County “Resource Management Plan” for the Wasatch Range

During the 2015 legislative session Utah passed a requirement for each county to produce a Resource Management Plan (RMP).  The plans are to include 28 resources such as forest management, recreation and tourism, wilderness, air quality, water quality and energy.

These resources are what make the Wasatch Range and Salt Lake County so unique and beloved. Unfortunately, Salt Lake County’s plan fails to acknowledge previous planning processes such as Mountain Accord and leaves out important ongoing projects such as the Bonneville Shoreline Trail and Grit Mill. Protecting these natural resources, everything from water quality to air quality, is vital to the future of this magnificent mountain range and yet Salt Lake County’s RMP falls painfully short on every account.

If you care for the Wasatch, Salt Lake County’s plan is of concern regardless of what county you call home.  

If we allow a weak RMP to pass Salt Lake County, this document – which you can find here – will be used as a bully pulpit to further weaken other important canyon plans and ultimately to weaken environmental protections countywide.

We need you to speak to the importance of roadless areas, expanding wilderness designation, stewardship of the streams and rivers, and protecting air quality. Remind the planning commission that numerous plans impacting the Wasatch have been conducted over decades, the RMP should reflect the findings and agreements of these earlier documents. Passing the RMP in its current anemic state will only undermine years, if not decades worth of rigorous planning efforts. For instance, the Mountain Accord was a multi-year process involving over 200 stakeholder groups. The RMP should look to the Mountain Accord and other planning documents that reviewed these issues with more intense scrutiny and with far broader public input.

Environmental organizations coalition comments to Salt Lake County Planning Commission on the Resource Management Plan: SL County Planning Commission RMP sign on letter

Save Our Canyons testimony before Salt Lake County Planning Commission (May 4, 2017)


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