Wasatch Environmental Update; Save Bonanza Flats

Wasatch Environmental Update for April 9, 2017

By John Worlock, Member of the Board of Directors of Save Our Canyons

“Save Bonanza Flats!”



Help us preserve the Bonanza Flats.  A coalition of eleven nonprofit organizations, including Save Our Canyons, has banded together in an effort to save the wild and beautiful Bonanza Flats from upscale development.  They are supporting the push to accumulate the purchase price, most of which is already pledged.

Perhaps you wonder what and where are those precious flats called Bonanza.  They are perched in the Central Wasatch Range, just over the Guardsman Pass at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon, and nestled up against the ski resorts of Park City and Deer Valley.  You can get a glimpse of their undeveloped 1350 acres from Guardsman Pass and in the summertime you can drive down through them to Park City or Midway on the Guardsman Pass Road.

Clayton Peak towers above the flats, while below moose, elk, deer and black bears visit the alpine lakes along the property’s western flank. Visitors often see birds of prey soaring above Bonanza Flats while also hearing birdsong echoing through this wild and unspoiled area.  Bonanza Flats features some of the largest organisms on the planet – groves of Quaking Aspen. These groves, consisting of hundreds if not thousands of cloned trees networked together beneath the soil, offer a powerful symbol for our collective efforts to save Bonanza Flats.

Working together, thousands of us, whether as individuals or as part of organizations like Save Our Canyons, or collectively through our forward thinking local governments like those of Summit County, Park City, Sandy City and Salt Lake City, can meet the immediate goal of protecting Bonanza Flats from private development.

With a deadline of June 15, 2017 looming over the future of Bonanza Flats and only 3 million of 38 million dollars left to raise, perhaps we can prevent their development into golf courses and upscale gated communities.

Donations will be gratefully accepted at www.savebonanzaflats.org.

We hope we have whetted your appetite for this conservation enterprise, but if not we recommend a driving trip up Big Cottonwood Canyon and over the Guardsman Pass to see for yourself what is at stake.


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