Wasatch Environmental Update; Salt Lake County Council Issues

Wasatch Environmental Update for March 12, 2017

By John Worlock, Member of the Board of Directors of Save Our Canyons

Salt Lake County Council Issues


We’re having some trouble with the Salt Lake County Council and we need your help.  What is this WE that is having trouble?  It’s Save Our Canyons and its allies.

Save Our Canyons has been busy for four decades, striving to protect the wildness and the beauty of the canyons and foothills of the Wasatch.  Years ago, we convinced the council that they must enact some zoning laws to regulate development in the canyons of the Central Wasatch.  We have continued our advocacy, sometimes fighting to make sure that the Salt Lake County officials actually follow their own rules.  There are, as you know, always eager developers hoping to push the boundaries and impose their grand wishes on the land.

What is happening just now is that the County Council is debating several important measures.  These are one:  renewal of the ordinance called FCOZ, the important Foothills and Canyons Overlay Zone, two:  enactment of a new ordinance called MRZ, or Mountain Resort Zone, and three:  accepting membership in the Central Wasatch Commission, together with three local municipalities, which would put into effect the provisions of the Mountain Accord, the important agreement forged with the ski resorts and other commercial interests, officials interested in canyon transportation, and also those supporting recreation and environmental preservation as important issues.

We, that is Save Our Canyons and our allies, are determined to press the County Council to make the right choices, namely those that will preserve the wildness and the beauty of the Central Wasatch.  We need you to be with us.

OK.  Specifically, we want you to come to the City-County Building at 4 pm on Tuesday March 14, to make your presence known, as the Council members debate the issues surrounding FCOZ, MRZ and the Central Wasatch Commission.

But first, go to the website http://www.saveourcanyons.org and read a brief message that will urge you to bring your passion and perhaps a few words to say to the council in support of the policies that protect the precious canyons.

Come at 4 pm on Tuesday, March 14 to the North Building of the Salt Lake City-County Complex at 2000 South State Street.  Show the council your support for preservation of wildness and beauty in the canyons of the Central Wasatch.

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