“Ziprider Attractions” in the Wasatch?

It is no secret that Save Our Canyons takes issue with amusement park attractions in the Wasatch Mountains. We feel uses such as mountain coasters and zip lines degrade the beauty and environment of our canyons, as well as take away from the experience of natural recreation. With Snowbird’s recent proposal for a “ziprider attraction” here is the summary of our main points of concern.

fullsizerender-zipriderFrankly, a 2.75 mile ziprider from Hidden Peak is nothing but a noisy eyesore. As you can see in our simulated image, the proposal sticks out from the natural scenery on the Little Cottonwood Canyon Scenic Byway, and would also draw away from iconic views on popular trails. In addition, with all the noise from the multitude of Snowbird’s attractions, another zipline in the canyons certainly doesn’t help the expanding noise pollution issue. It also would not help the sensitive northern goshawk, a vital indicator species that is already facing habitat fragmentation and which has been sited in the proposed project area. Due to its significance as a management indicator species, the goshawk has been recommended by the Fish and Wildlife Service to have a half-mile buffer between nesting areas and ski resorts for the protection of goshawk habitat and nesting areas.

In addition to our concerns related to wildlife protections, the ziprider proposal is also contrary to FCOZ’s purpose, to “protect the visual and aesthetic qualities of the foothills and canyons, including prominent ridge lines” and to “provide for preservation of environmentally sensitive areas.” Save Our Canyons is concerned that the purpose of FCOZ has once again been thrown out the window for another unnecessary expansion project. With each project, these canyons get closer to their maximum capacity and the integrity of this incredible place is further compromised. The Wasatch can’t continue accommodating the rapid expansion of development and theme park uses without significantly degrading the serenity, wildlife habitat, and legitimate recreational uses which make these canyons so popular. Somewhere, a line needs to be drawn, and it can’t be another zipline.

Take action! Tell the County Council and Mountainous Planning Commission YOU SUPPORT more vigorous land use ordinances, including restricting amusement park style rides in the Wasatch.

More information:

SOC’s official comments to SL County “Mountainous Planning Commission”

Snowbird “Ziprider Attraction” proposal

Snowbird zipline plan stirs complaints of “Disneyification” of mountains By Mike Gorrell, Salt Lake Tribune

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