Your support protects the Wasatch. Join SOC today!

As a community, we’re not afraid to raise our voices. High in the mountains, we raise our voices in gratitude for wilderness and wildlife. Indoors, we raise our voices in their defense.

For the past four, years Save Our Canyons has been engaging in Mountain Accord, where we’ve been the loudest and most reliable voice working to protect the Wasatch. Finally, this summer our resolve, and yours, paid off when we joined congressional leaders and others from Mountain Accord in announcing legislation to establish the Central Wasatch National Conservation and Recreation Area which will protect nearly 80,000 acres of public lands in the Wasatch!

That’s right, 80,000 acres of the Wasatch will be protected if this legislation crosses the finish line. Click HERE to donate TODAY!

To get the bill through Congress and on to the President’s desk we’ll need your help. We’ve already put more work into this campaign, and with greater success, than we ever thought possible. If you had told us a few years ago that the Summer of ‘16 would see Save Our Canyons working with Representatives Jason Chaffetz, Mia Love, and Chris Stewart to introduce a bill into Congress protecting 80,000 acres of public lands, we would have told you to take a leap off of Sundial Peak. But it’s happening and we couldn’t be more optimistic.

This bill, The Central Wasatch Conservation and Recreation Area Act, is our opportunity to freeze ski resort boundaries and preserve a significant amount of our most prized – and threatened – public lands in the Wasatch. The 80,000 acres the bill would protect is more than the combined acreage of all the existing wilderness areas in the Wasatch. That’s how big, and how meaningful, this bill is for the future of the Wasatch.

Become a member of Save Our Canyons today! Click HERE to contribute to protect the Wasatch Mountains. 


Sunset Peak 2015

A successful campaign is expensive. Even for a small organization that takes pleasure in pinching pennies, formulating a win on this grand of a scale can be daunting. But this year our community has the opportunity to raise its voice and put in place protections for the Wasatch larger than anything we’ve ever achieved. But to do it, we need you.

Take a moment and think of some of your experiences in the Wasatch: alpenglow on Twin Peaks, a silent and snowy morning in Bear Trap, meadows bright with wildflowers, the sounds of pika calls echoing through the granite boulder fields of Lone Peak.

Make a $15, $35 or $50 donation or whatever you can give to Save Our Canyons today and help preserve these places where we seek solitude, inspiration, as well as relax our minds and challenge our bodies.

Only by raising our voices together will the Wasatch Mountains receive the protections they deserve.

Yours for the Wasatch,
Save Our Canyons
PS – You can support the federal legislation by adding your name to our petition. CLICK HERE.

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