I can’t do this without you by Peter Metcalf

Black Diamond Equipment, Inc. moved to Salt Lake twenty-five years ago because of the Wasatch Mountains.

I wanted for my employees, the kind of quality of life made possible by living so near to the Wasatch: easy access to a couple hours on the trail, a quick dawn patrol up Big Cottonwood, or a few pitches up Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Join me to celebrate the Wasatch and Save Our Canyons’ work protecting this amazing landscape at their 14th Annual Lone Peak Celebration this Saturday at 6:30 p.m.

Click HERE for tickets.

Upon moving to Salt Lake I quickly learned that this simple access to beautiful and unparalleled backcountry was incredibly threatened. What’s more, like many of you, I also learned that once these places are developed, they’re gone, there’s no going back. Once public access is taken away, it’s rarely ever granted again. Wildlife habitat, once developed, is gone for good – and with it the wildlife.

I also learned that Save Our Canyons is the only organization tirelessly and effectively working to preserve these wild places.

I know how fortunate we are to have the Wasatch Mountains, Lone Peak, Mt. Olympus, and Twin Peaks Wilderness areas right outside our door. I also know how fortunate we are to have an organization like Save Our Canyons advocating for the protection for our last remaining backcountry places.

It’s simple, without the forty plus years of dedicated and tireless advocacy from Save Our Canyons there would be no wilderness areas in the Wasatch. Without Save Our Canyons diligently working to protect the Wasatch from the endless efforts of developers, ski resorts and elected officials hell-bent on further commercializing these pristine wild areas, there’d be none left.

Save Our Canyons can’t do this without you!

Please join Kathy and me in supporting Save Our Canyons by attending their upcoming Lone Peak fundraiser.

Click HERE for tickets!

What: 14th Annual Lone Peak Celebration
When: Saturday, April 23 at 6:30 p.m.
Where: Falls Event Center (580 South 600 East at Trolley Square)


Peter Metcalf

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