SOC “Community Development” Internship

Save Our Canyons Community Development Internship

Save Our Canyons, founded in 1972, is “dedicated to protecting and preserving the beauty and wildness of the Wasatch Mountains, canyons and foothills.” As the only organization specifically dedicated to this range we depend heavily on our membership and the broader community to help further our mission and cause. While we have a dedicated membership we have a rather small reach in comparison to the population who depend on the Wasatch for water, recreation and economic prosperity.

SOC is comprised of a small but effective staff working to address a broad range of issues facing the Wasatch Range.

This internship will provide the chosen candidate an opportunity to engage in grassroots community engagement and organizing that will have a direct effect on the health and longevity of the Wasatch Range.

Internship Tasks:

  • Assist in development of “Season Pass Holders Against Ski Resort Expansion” campaign
  • Build and maintain volunteer base
  • Generate 10 (or more) social media posts related to events, volunteer opportunities and community actions
  • Assist staff in planning, advertising and execution of upcoming “Buy SOC a Beer” event and 2016 Lone Peak Celebration.

Internship Goals:

  • Increase volunteer group by 25 people
  • Find and execute 4 tabling and community outreach event opportunities

Save Our Canyons Community Development Internship allows the right candidate an opportunity to work in a creative and collaborate environment to address the various issues facing the Wasatch Range. Applicants should be self-motivated, dynamic and energetic about implementing their skills to help Save Our Canyons further our mission and grow our impact.

For more information or to apply please send resume and cover letter to

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