Support Save Our Canyons. Donate today!

What a banner year for Save Our Canyons! We’ve fought hard and accomplished a lot in 2015.

I’ll run through a list of our accomplishments in a moment, but let me first say how proud I am of our work protecting the Wasatch in what’s proven to be a decisive year.

Please consider making a final year end donation to secure our successes and position us for wins in the coming year.

Here’s some of what you’ve helped us accomplish:

  • Draft legislation protecting 80,000 wild and beautiful acres of the Wasatch as part of our Wasatch National Monument campaign.
  • Leading the diverse stakeholders of Mountain Accord in a shared vision for protecting the Wasatch.
  • Completing our Visitor Survey to better understand recreation in the Wasatch and create an objective data set to guide future management.
  • Establishing a Mountain Planning District giving citizens more say in land use planning decisions.
  • Continuing our SOC Kids program in partnership with Boys and Girls Clubs, the Sorenson Unity Center, and Youth City to familiarize kids with the joys of the Wasatch and the importance of protecting it.

2016 will be our opportunity to secure these accomplishments and permanently protect this landscape with federal legislation. Your ongoing support is vital to our continuing success.

Show your commitment to protecting the Wasatch by wearing your limited edition Black Diamond jacket with this patch emblazoned on the right arm!

Click here to make your tax deductible donation 


Special Offers!!

If you donate $1,000, not only will your donation directly help us fight for the Wasatch, but just in time for wintery pursuits in the serenity of the Wasatch you’ll also receive a limited edition Wasatch Defender Black Diamond jacket. A tremendous thank you to our friends at BD for their ongoing support and for making this offer possible!

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 1.15.22 PMSOC2015patchScreen Shot 2015-12-09 at 12.18.15 PM

For those who love the Wasatch, Save Our Canyons, and staying stylishly hydrated while out on the trails, we’re offering an insulated 21oz Hydroflask emblazoned with the always fashionable Save Our Canyons logo for a donation of $125. That’s $125 that will be doubled by the matching challenge offered by our generous donors!

As successful as we were in 2015, there’s no time to stop and take a breather. Success in 2016 is possible, but only with your help.

Whether by our vigilance in representing conservation interests in the Mountain Accord process, our pushing for permanent federal protection of 80,000 acres of breathtakingly beautiful Wasatch mountains, or by our relentlessly defending the Wasatch from additional ski resort development and efforts to further urbanize the canyons, one thing is clear:

Save Our Canyons is THE voice for protecting the wildness and beauty of the Wasatch Mountains.

We are counting on you! Please help us carry this momentum into 2016! Donate today!

P.S. Consider spreading your giving out over the course of a year. Giving as little as $10 a month will have a huge impact in sustaining our efforts year round. Plus, this year $10 a month also gets you the new insulated Save Our Canyons Hydroflask! A recurring donation of $86 a month nets you a jacket, and for ultimate winter warmth and adventuring, $100 a month gets you a warm jacket and the Hydroflask mug ensuring your enjoyment of a warm (or cold) beverage of your choice in the high peaks of the Wasatch.

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