Wasatch Environmental Update; S.L County’s Mountainous Planning District

Wasatch Env Update img

Wasatch Environmental Update for October 18, 2015

By JOHN! Worlock, Member of the Board of Directors, Save Our Canyons

“Salt Lake County’s Mountainous Planning District”

Oka – a – a -ay, Friends of the Wasatch! We need your help, and we need it NOW! Please listen carefully – this is important!

We need your support in urging the Salt Lake County Council to pass the legislation establishing the Mountainous Planning District.

The District would include the three popular Wasatch canyons: Mill Creek and Big and Little Cottonwood Creek, together with Parley’s Canyon. The legislation would establish a Planning Commission of nine members representing –all- of Salt Lake County. They would be nominated by the Mayor and confirmed by the Council. Their charge would be to study and recommend action for any future development in the County’s new Mountainous Planning District.

Oka -a -a ay. Your job is to send a message to your County Council representative urging quick and positive action. A vote is scheduled for Tuesday, October 20 – just two days from now. So if your voice is to be heard, you must act quickly.

Here’s what we suggest. Go to the website Save Our Canyons dot org and read the brief description of the Mountainous Planning District and its importance for the future of the Central Wasatch Canyons. It’s not a complicated issue, and in a few minutes you will be ready to send a simple message to those who represent you on the County Council.

Your County Council will be voting yea or nay, next Tuesday afternoon, on this important planning idea for the Central Wasatch. Or perhaps worse, they will follow the wishes of those who will choose delay, letting the whole idea die under the looming expiration provision in the state legislation that created this opportunity. But right now, there is a unique opportunity for Salt Lake County to provide for the protection of its Wasatch Canyons, and the perpetuation of their offerings of beauty, wildness and solitude, not only for us, their neighbors, but also for the wildlife that lives there.

If the weather prediction is right, you’ll be stuck in the house on a rainy Sunday afternoon. So use the time wisely and send your message to the County Council. For inspiration, look for Mountainous Planning District on the webpage save our canyons dot org.


If you have yet to send a comment in support of the Mountainous Planning District to the S.L County Council please do so now! CLICK HERE. It’s easy and impactful!

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