S.O.C.K. and the Boys & Girls Club of Sugarhouse

Save Our Canyons Kids Campaign (SOCK)

October 9th – Red Pine Lake, Little Cottonwood Canyon

Last Friday, the teens from the Boys & Girls Club of Sugarhouse went out for a hike along the Red Pine Lake trail. Although it was the same hike, there were many new perspectives. And although it was a different demography of teens, interactions with the environment remained habitual.

Reluctant at first, peers inspired each other to keep going. Becoming intrigued by the same features as other groups: the micro streams that trickle across mossy obstacles, the one tree that looks ginormous compared to the others, those intensely bright red elderberries that seem irresistible – “Can we eat these?” Holding hands crossing bridges and guiding each other through the river bed. At the intersection between Red Pine and White Pine it’s perpetual to stray trail and make like a Salmon, heading up stream to the next bridge. This landscape appears to be much more captivating than the prosthetic jungle gym. Toward the end of the hike, the quiet ones have opened up, exposing their insecurities with their peers, the trees, and the birds. Without realizing it, the hikes becomes a restorative escape from the metamorphic reality of preteens.







One response to “S.O.C.K. and the Boys & Girls Club of Sugarhouse

  1. Wonderful to see the youth of our city enjoying the canyons as they will be the ones in the future who decide the fate of our canyons.

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