Wasatch Environmental Update; Earth Day, One Earth and One Wasatch


Wasatch Environmental Update for April 20, 2014

By John Worlock, Member, SOC for Board of Directors

“Earth Day, One Earth and One Wasatch”

Today, we finish a full week of celebrations The week began with the ancient observation of Passover, recalling the emergence of the Isrealites from Egyptian slavery. Passover was also marked this year with an exceptional lunar eclipse. The week culminates now in the observation of Easter, celebrating the resurrection of the Christian Messiah. But we emerge into yet another week of celebrations. At the week’s end, Save Our Canyons will host the 12th Annual Lone Peak Celebration on Saturday, April 26, commemorating the creation of the Lone Peak Wilderness in the Wasatch Mountains in 1978. For information about this event, go to save our canyons dot org, or call 801-363-SAVE.  There is another important date on our calendar: Earth Day 2014 is Tuesday, April 22. Earth Day has been a day for celebration of the uniqueness of the Earth and its welcoming environment ever since the first Earth Day, April 22, 1970. That first Earth Day brought some 20 million Americans out into the spring sunshine for peaceful demonstrations in favor of environmental reform. In recent decades, Earth Day has grown to become an annual event, and the movement has become world-wide, involving earth-loving citizens of nearly 200 countries. Various local and timely issues arise and subside, but the overall focus might be said to be the desire for a spring-cleaning of our only home, the Spaceship Earth. Are there alternative homes? Although some people are signing up for a one-way trip to Mars, and astronomers are discovering vast numbers of possibly inhabitable planets on relatively nearby stars, on Earth Day we are recognizing the necessity to ensure the future inhabitability of our planet, the one and only Earth. We searched unsuccessfully for a citation in which Gaylord Nelson, the creator of Earth Day, wrote or said “There is only One Earth.” Even if he didn’t say it, it is an important truth. Here at Save Our Canyons, we take a more local view, as we have for over four decades been dedicated to protecting the wildness and the beauty of the Wasatch Mountains, canyons and foothills. Our motto, therefore, might be “There is only one Wasatch!”

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