Wasatch Environmental Update; “Invitation to participate in the important Mountain Accord process.”


0209   Mountain Accord Redux

This week we return to the subject of last week’s Wasatch Environmental Update, in which we extolled the importance of the ongoing process called the Mountain Accord.

Last week, the organizers and sponsors of Mountain Accord organized a pair of public meetings to introduce themselves and their intentions to the public, the folks for whose benefit the process is intended.  Those of us who attended a public meeting were able to rub shoulders with some of the organizers and the stake-holders in this process, which has the immensely important goal of preserving the characteristics and the values of the Central Wasatch Mountains.

For the purposes of the Mountain Accord study, the Central Wasatch includes the mountains surrounding the two Cottonwood Canyons, with their four ski resorts, plus the Wasatch Back, including the three ski resorts, as well as the transportation corridors reaching from the Salt Lake City Airport to all seven ski destinations.   We note that the impact of recreation on the Central Wasatch is by no means limited to resort skiers.  Some of the heaviest traffic on the two Cottonwood Canyons Roads is on summertime weekends.

Enough preamble.  We are here today to beg you to study and participate in the work of Mountain Accord.  It’s so easy, and it’s so important!

Go to mountainaccord dot com.  Pause and take a few breaths as it runs through its list of important topics:  Transportation, Environment, Economy and Recreation.  Then choose whether you like reading words or studying pictures, including maps.  While we are are partial to maps, we are also fond of words.

Over on the left, you can click to download a longish informational word-package.

Alternatively, you are invited to participate in the Online Public Meeting.  You won’t see the personalities who came to the real meetings, but can study the posters, including maps, in the six alcoves, at your leisure.  Skillful prestigitation with your mouse will bring you through them, starting with the Background and the Process of the current study, followed by the four substantive topics:  Transportation, Environment, Economy and Recreation.

We hope you will agree that the Mountain Accord is worthy of your study and your participation!  Mountainaccord dot com.

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