Wasatch Environmental Update; Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered


Wasatch Environmental Update for January 21, 2014

By John Worlock, Member, SOC Board of Directors

“Bewitched, bothered and bewildered”

We recall a popular song from our youth.  It was called “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered.”  The protagonist in that song was perplexed by the feelings stirred in his heart and mind by falling in love, unexpectedly.

Well, we’re not exactly falling in love, but we are suddenly perplexed, and might we add, Bemused, by the appearance of a snowboarders’ organization called Wasatch Equality, created for the purpose of mounting a law suit challenging Alta Ski Resort’s long-time policy of snowboard-free skiing. Defendants in the law suit are Alta, along with the US Forest Service, and the local Forest Supervisor, who have allowed Alta to discriminate against snowboarders. Three, only three, ski resorts in the USA, disallow snowboarding, and Alta is one of them.  It also happens to be the only one of the three that operates on Forest Service Land.  We have been long-time admirers of Alta for their policy, as they have presumably foregone a bit of extra profit in order to perpetuate their image as a quiet, family-friendly, ski resort, albeit with the best snow in Utah, which as we know is blessed with the “World’s Best Snow.”

Several of the principals in the group calling itself Wasatch Equality were recently rejected by Alta when they attempted do their snowboard thing on Alta’s snow.  That kind of civil disobedience is an historical part of the campaigns for racial equality, as well as gender equality, and more recently LGBT equality.  We note that the new organization’s name resonates nicely with those other campaigns for equality.

Not only does the name Wasatch Equality suggest the presence of inequality, but the actual lawsuit is sprinkled with allusions to earlier campaigns for the liberation of suppressed categories of our nation’s population.. We think you will be bemused, and perhaps amused, to read their suit, which can be found on their website:  Wasatchequality dot org.  Click on The Lawsuit, and then Read the full complaint.  It says repeatedly that Alta is prejudiced against an innocent minority, and that their policy tends to perpetuate the stigma and stereotype of snowboarders as immature and irresponsible. Wasatch Equality dot org has thus created a new disadvantaged minority, worthy of federal protection.  Right here in Utah!

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