Wasatch Canyons General Plans (Parleys, Big & Little Cottonwood Canyons) Public Open House

Salt Lake County Planning and Development Services will be hosting a 2nd Public Open House where they will unveil the Draft General Plans for Parleys Canyon, Big Cottonwood Canyon, and Little Cottonwood Canyon. As a resident of Salt Lake County or visitor of these canyons which are a regional community resource, your participation in shaping the future management of these canyons is requested.

General Plan Open House 2 announcement

A few of Save Our Canyons’ concerns thus far with the general plans is consistency between goal statements and project, coordination with other managing entities (Watershed and USFS plans) and the incorporation of public comments gathered at the last public open house. Some of the steering committee meetings we’ve been to in the past months, the Plans have not reflected or incorporated the public comments we’ve reviewed. For whatever reason, Salt Lake County Development Services staff continually state that comments which are gathered at public open houses are not reflective of “the public” rather just those who show up, the same thing they’ve also said about the Wasatch Canyons Tomorrow report in the past.  So, show up again, make sure that your prior comments, the Wasatch Canyons Tomorrow results and your vision for the Wasatch is reflected in these General Plans.

General Plans are important because many decisions the county makes, particularly in the Foothills and Canyons Overlay Zone, must be consistent with the respective General Plan. General Plans are used to help chart a vision for an area and also to help clear up ambiguities in the ordinances.

Additional information about General Plans for Counties, pursuant to State Code can be found here:  http://le.utah.gov/code/TITLE17/htm/17_27a040100.htm

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