Wasatch Environmental Update 06/11


By John Worlock, Save Our Canyons Trustee

-Original air date 06/09/13 on KRCL.org

Tavaci and T. Diehl, resurgent!

Wasatch Foothill developer Terry Diehl and his Tavaci development at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon are in resurgence.  Resurgence!  That means they are alive and dangerous!

Please prepare yourself for the imminent public hearing (and we mean seriously imminent!) of the Salt Lake County Planning Commission this Wednesday, June 12, when representatives of Tavaci will argue for a rezone of the 47-acre property.

They request rezoning from their current Forest Recreation-oh point 5, allowing half-acre single-family lots…. to Forest Multifamily dash 10, allowing ten dwelling units or 20 guestrooms per acre.

We, at Save our Canyons, have fought this development from the git-go, as a scar on the pristine foothills and especially at the entry to Big Cottonwood Canyon.  Ten years ago, Salt Lake County overrode our appeal and their own zoning laws and allowed Terry Diehl to build a concrete bridge and an illegal road giving access to the 47 acre property, which was then platted for 43 single-family trophy dwellings.

Good win, Terry Diehl, but poor timing!  Since then only three of the plots have sold and not one has been built.

Diehl has been trying a variety of options to make his adventure profitable.  Along the way, Tavaci was swallowed by the newly incorporated City of Cottonwood Heights. They refused his application for rezoning, which would have granted him hotels and high-rise condos and other commercial enterprises.  So then he petitioned, successfully, to have his property be returned to county jurisdiction, and his 47 acres are again part of Salt Lake County.

That’s where we stand:  The public hearing on Tavici’s new rezoning proposal is at the Salt Lake County Government Center at 8:30 am on Wednesday, June 12.

Many more details are to be found on the website of SaveourCanyons.org.

We believe that Diehl has more than sufficient rights to develop the property without rezoning, and that an open-ended option for high-density development is unnecessary and unwise.  Save Our Canyons and Salt Lake County invite you to come, with your thoughtful personal testimony on this issue, to the County Government Center, 2001 South State Street, this Wednesday June 12, at 8:30 am.

Thanks to Carl, for his informative and timely posting on SaveOurCanyons.org.

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