Hidden Peak Plans Revealed

 Site Plan, Aerial View
West Exterior Facade

Snowbird’s expansionist dreams have reached new heights.  At 11000ft. in elevation, the Hidden Peak structure will soon mar the Hidden Peak Horizon.  Snowbird has demonstrated the power it has at achieving what they want, when they want it.  From mountain coasters to revolving restaurants, one by one, iconic mountains sides and mountain tops are opened up to some sort of ski area expansion.  Whether the actions are taking place on private or public lands, the measures to control development have to little to no ability to actually stop ridiculous development from happening.
We fought to prevent this atrocity from ever gracing the Wasatch landscape, exhausting all avenues for action and public comment.  There is not much we can do now, but go out into the Wasatch and enjoy it.  Breath in the fresh air, take in the sublime views, pray for some snow so that we may play in the worlds greatest snow.  The Wasatch as we have all come to know it is becoming a vastly different place, so let’s enjoy it while we can.
Some of the FOIA highlights are.
1.  Construction will begin next year
2. At approx 32,000sqft it will attach to the existing tram docking station
3. It will be constructed primarily out of glass
4. It will contain an observation deck and rotating restaurant on the 4th floor, a coffee bar, cafeteria, ski patrol and restroom facilities.
Check out the full FOIA request.

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